'Rocky Mountain Escape'

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65 acres on Government Lease


70 kms NW of Hinton


REDUCED TO SELL!  This is a rare opportunity that does not come along often.  The location of this business is what makes it so unique – located in Rock Lake - Solomon Creek Wildland Park in the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains adjacent to Jasper National Park and Willmore Wilderness Park.

Only 70 kms from the town of Hinton, this outdoor paradise is accessible year round yet feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.  This allows guests to enjoy an unspoiled wilderness experience while still enjoying the creature comforts of home.

The 'Escape has been run as a successful business for the past 20 years offering quality cabin rentals to outdoorsman alike.  The three cabins are handcrafted with hand-hewn logs, are handsomely appointed and include a wood stove, double propane burner, and full bathroom with hot and cold running water.  The 480 sq. ft. cabins have a spacious open design and were constructed for high energy efficiency, each cabin also has it’s own solar unit to deliver lighting.

There is also a cookhouse, lodge/barn with staff living quarters, and utility shed on the property.  The lodge/barn has future plans, for the new owner to take on, for a full commercial kitchen to be built downstairs.  All buildings are quality built with the septic system, solar systems, etc having care and time taken to ensure they are installed correctly and professionally.  There is no guesswork here.  Walk right in and be confident that everything will run smoothly.  

Numerous hiking trails start right at the cabins and include all levels of difficulty.  More hiking trails are available at nearby Rock Lake Park where you can also find excellent fishing, including giant Lake Trout, Pike and Bull Trout.  For the stream fisherman there are multiple options in the area full of Trout and Rocky Mountain Whitefish.  If horseback riding is your choice activity, the 'Escape has holding facilities for your horses. For winter activities the current owners lay out cross-country ski trails for guests.  The perfect winter activity with good snow coverage; imagine yourself gliding silently through the trees or grab a pair of snowshoes and go for a winter hike.

The 'Escape is under a 25 year Government Lease due for renewal in 2021.

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains while sharing it with others.  The recreational and eco-tourism possibilities here are endless; bring your ideas – no work needed to get this business up and running, this is a turn-key opportunity.    


Area Data: 

Rock Lake Provincial Park:

Rock Lake Provincial Park is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This popular staging area provides easy access to equestrian, mountain biking & hiking trails in the Rock Lake-Solomon Creek Wildland, Willmore Wilderness Park and northern Jasper National Park.

The park is located 70 kilometres north of Hinton along Highway 40. A 32 km graveled road leaves the highway.

Hiking and mountain biking opportunities are available right in the park, if you aren’t planning to go deeper into the wildland or wilderness parks. Visitors can enjoy fishing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and cross-country skiing.

From the Willmore Staging Area, park and hike 30 minutes to the viewpoint. You will be treated to a breathtaking view of Rock Lake and the surrounding Rocky Mountains.

Rock Lake is a popular fishery primarily for mountain whitefish and lake trout, although bull trout, rainbow trout, burbot and northern pike can be found here. Motor boats are permitted, but water skiing or towing are not permitted.

Rock Lake is in a spectacular setting, providing stunning views of the Front Ranges of the Rocky Mountains. Lodgepole pine and spruce are mixed with aspen stands, open grassy meadows and wetlands. This diverse range of habitats supports equally diverse wildlife populations. The park is home to moose, grizzly and black bear, cougar, wolf and a variety of birds. It also provides critical winter range for elk, deer and bighorn sheep. 

Willmore Wilderness Park:

Ancient glaciers, high mountain peaks, thick forests and raging rivers define these 4,597 square kms of untamed wilderness. Backpackers and horseback riders seeking a true backcountry experience can explore over 750 km of trails where wildlife abounds. Visitors to Willmore must be experienced and well-equipped for backcountry adventure.

Willmore is located southwest of the town of Grande Cache in west-central Alberta, approximately 300 km northwest of Edmonton.  It is bordered on the west by the Province of British Columbia and on the south by the world famous Jasper National Park.  The north end of the park joins with Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park in Alberta and Kakwa Provincial Park in BC.  These three parks form Kakwa-Willmore Interprovincial Park. 

Improvements Summary: 
3 Log Cabins, Lodge/Barn, Cookhouse & Utility Shed

Log Cabins (3):

-Hand-crafted, full round log (built and erected on-site by Mark Deagle in 1996)

-20’ x 24’ feet

-Laminate (pine) tongue-and-groove “floating” flooring; ceramic tile flooring in the bathroom

-Aluminum shingles (life-time warranty)

-On a 4’ cement foundation

Each cabin contains:

-1 queen bed

-1 sofa (1 cabin or) or double fold-down futon (2 cabins)

-1 rocker chair, 1 coffee table, 1 bedside table and 1 4-drawer dresser (Ikea)

-1 countertop double propane burner

-1 kitchen sink

-1 hand-crafted pine tongue-and groove cupboard and formica counter assembly

-1 wood-burning stove (2 newer glass-fronted, 1 older cast iron)

-1 enclosed full bath (tub/shower unit, flush toilet, single-sink vanity and cupboards

-1 independent solar panel (mounted on a pole behind the cabin) and two deep-cycle solar batteries (with controller, mounted in the basement/crawl space in each cabin)

-1 standard (33 gal) propane water heater (located in the basement/crawl space)

-2 propane tanks (dual auto-switch regulator, located at the back of the cabin)

-Deck (6’ x 10’ treated wood)

-Chimney sweep (2 different brush heads to accommodate wood stove chimneys)

-Bedding, towels, afghans, rugs, trash containers (2) and recycle bin

Cookhouse (1):

-Frame construction, partially insulated (roof and two walls), on railroad ties

-14’ x 20’

-Metal shingles

-Painted OSB flooring

-Heartland Wood Cook Stove (purchased new in 1996)

-1, 3’ x 8’ wood dining table; 2, 8’ benches and 2, 3’ benches

-1, 3-1/2’ x 8’ wood prep table

-1 wood hutch (antique)**

-Miscellaneous cookware, dishes and utensils to feed 10 guests and helpers

Utility Shed (1):

-Frame construction, fully insulated, on railroad ties

-16’ x 20’

-Metal shingles

-Unpainted OSB flooring

-Inside walled pantry (6’ x 8’) with shelving

-1 diesel heater (Enterprise Fawcett; installed new in 2012; 50-gal diesel tank located outside)

-1 100-gal pressure tank

-1 standard electric refrigerator (General Electric)

-1 large chest electric freezer (Frigidaire)

-Storage shelving

-Work bench and shelving

-Electrical panel (40-breaker capacity, currently have 28 breakers installed)

-Solar system (inverter and battery monitor; 8 sealed, deep-cycle solar batters; 3 solar mounted panels which are located in front of the cook house; installed new in 2015).**

-Miscellaneous “spare” supplies (linens, machine and log oils, general maintenance stuff)

Lodge/Barn (1):

-Frame construction, fully insulated, on pounded gravel/railroad ties

-24’ x 30’

-Two stories (loft upstairs, unfinished kitchen downstairs)

-Metal roofing

-Loft (staff/resident quarters):

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom (composting toilet, single sink and vanity, shower stall)
  • 1 propane heater
  • 1 futon
  • 1 wood coffee table (unique)**
  • Wired for electrical service
  • Small solar panel and portable inverter**

-Main floor (unfinished):

  • Wood burning stove with insulated chimney (installed 2015)
  • Hand-crafted stairs to loft
  • Walled and insulated pantry (10’ x 12’)
  • Walled utility room (7’ x 8’) with installed 32-dual breaker panel (no breakers yet installed)
  • Walled and insulated “freezer” room (7-1/2’ x 11-1/2’ addition to back of original structure)
  • Wired for electrical service

-Fenced horse holding area (approximately 20 acres)

Water Well and Septic:

-Deep well drilled in 1994 (Big Country Drilling, well location SE21-052-02-6, License No. 1994-015 [or A94-015, hard to decipher but is public record]

  • Submersible pump
  • Water lines buried 8-9’ to cabins and utility shed (heat-tape installed where the water line from the well comes into the shed)

-Dual-chamber, poured concrete septic tank

  • 3000-gal capacity (2000 gals in the first chamber, 1000 gals in the second)
  • Tank is accessible to septic hauler for yearly pump-out
  • Septic lines buried 8-9’ from cabins to septic

-3 manholes to access both water and sewer lines (approximately 150’ apart from the last cabin to the septic tank)


Guest Equipment:

-10 sets cross-country skis, boots, poles

-8 sets snowshoes

-1 Coleman Canoe

-Miscellaneous backpacks, hiking poles, rain gear, tents, sleeping bags

Operational Equipment:

-Generators (1)

  • 1 Champions (one 7.2 kW new in 2014)

-Alpine Bombardier Ski-doo (1983, double-track, single ski; working but hard to maintain with limited access to parts)

-Track-setting equipment for cross-country skiing (1 setter/groomer, 1 “ripper”)

-1 500-gal gas fuel tank (on elevated frame)

-2 100-gal fuel jockey tanks (1 diesel, 1 gas)

-Propane tanks

  • 7, 100-lb tanks (portable for cabins) 
  • 2, 30-lb tanks (portable for cabins)
  • 1, 1000-gal [water capacity, couldn’t find the capacity in lbs] tank (stationary; yearly rental, located near the lodge, filled October 2016)

-1 Sno-Tek snowblower

-1 Air compressor (professional, 125 PSI max; works but takes too much power, so I haven’t used it in years)

-1 Push lawn mower (Fiskars)

-1 Brush cutter (Husqvarna, 252 RX)

-1 Professional Battery Charger (MotoMaster; Input – 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 8.5A; Output – 20/40A at 12VDC, 200A engine start)

-1 log splitter (Champion, gas, hydraulic, purchased new in 2013)

-Chainsaws (1 older large Husquvarna and 1 older smaller Stihl)

-Various construction/maintenance tools** (skill saws, hand sanders, axes, drills, socket sets, jig saw, sawzall, jerry cans for diesel, gas and mixed fuel, etc.)

-1 satellite dish** (wired into the shed for internet and voice communication, with modem allowing limited internet access in the cook house; monthly rental on a 3-yr contract)

**These items so marked are negotiable.

Other Information: 

Call Lynzy for more details at 250-870-3021.

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53.470832°, -118.218384°
'Rocky Mountain Escape'
'Rocky Mountain Escape'
'Rocky Mountain Escape'
'Rocky Mountain Escape'
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