Hunting, Fishing, & Recreational Properties

Selling the Last Frontier

The McCowans , consisting of Harry, Carol and Lynzy, brings with them a vast knowledge of Western Canada from years of experience dealing in Hunting Territories, Recreational Properties and Fishing Lodges. The McCowan family has been encompassed in the Outdoor Business Industry for several decades. Each team member brings certain attributes; a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and professionalism, to ensure your sale or purchase will be conducted in an appropriate manner. 

Never before has a prospective client had the opportunity of being so well informed. The hands-on ability of the McCowans to relay fundamental information regarding available properties is of prime importance for those seeking to buy or sell. There is no other single source for Real Estate in Western Canada more qualified, nor more prepared to serve you!

Harry McCowanOur Services include:

  • Brokerage related to buying and selling of Hunting Territories, Fishing Lodges, Traplines, and Recreational Properties.
  • Appraisal Reports and Letters of Opinion of Value for Hunting Territories, Fishing Lodges and Traplines.
  • Consultation services surrounding Hunting Territories and Fishing Lodges.
  • Exclusive Buyer's Agency.
  • Guiding Territory Certificate Trust / Escrow Account for foreign and corporate ownership of Hunting Territories. 

Give Harry (250-717-1100) or Lynzy (250-870-3021) a call to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or offerings.