Consulting Services

Harry McCowanHarry McCowan certainly fits the profile of a consultant and an expert when it comes to hunting businesses and outdoor operations throughout Western Canada.  Harry has been associated with the hunting and fishing industries and the tourism trade since the early 70’s.  Harry has acted as a guide, guide outfitter, fishing guide, fishing lodge owner/operator and commercial bush pilot through various stages of his life.  Combining Harry’s knowledge with over 25 years of specialized real estate experience in hunting and fishing operations throughout Western Canada, Harry is your first choice as a consultant within this industry.

Projects Harry has been engaged in include; trust agreements between owners and operators, Guide Outfitter’s Certificate trust holding account, evaluation of business plans, determination of new markets, viability in expansion of tenure, assessment of acquisition, estimates related to infrastructure development and use, financial impact of increased or decreased allocation, liaison with government representatives, economic and viability studies, subdivision of territories, changes to the Wildlife Act and others. 

Think about this: before you make legal decisions, you consult with your lawyer; before you make financial decisions, you ask your accountant; both these professionals make or save you money over the long term.  Why not engage a professional when considering a purchase or changes to your existing hunting business?

Give Harry a call anytime to chat about your ideas or situation.  Harry deals with this on a day to day basis and is always available.