Exclusive Buyer's Agency

Your Outdoor ConnectionSimply put, under Buyer's Agency you retain me to be your exclusive agent to search for a business (hunting territories, fishing lodges, allocations, etc.) listed for sale or not.  While acting as your agent I can provide you with details on what's currently for sale, along with what's sold and for what price.  This information, along with all related details and facts I supply, allows you to make an informed decision when buying.

One of the most frustrating situations in searching for a business is by the time you hear of one for sale it can often be sold.  We deal in many listed businesses, however we also sell many unlisted businesses to buyers who are under Exclusive Buyer's Agency with us.

Another potential problem arises for a buyer when purchasing without the assistance of an experienced agent; sellers sometimes exaggerate details unintentionally about their territory: such as size, quotas, equipment, etc.  It's my job to inform you of all of the details that I am aware of from my many years of dealing in this field.  As for the details that I am not aware, I will obtain information from one of my correct and reliable sources.

I've had many buyers tell me they thought they'd purchased a business only to find out the seller may have changed his mind or sold to another buyer.  When dealing through me, as your agent, documentation is prepared in a professional manner that allows the sale to proceed in a timely fashion, making all facets of the transfer occur smoothly.

Many buyers are reluctant to use an Exclusive Buyer's Agency.  They feel they can find, negotiate and buy a business for less by themselves.  Generally speaking that's not true.  The fair market value includes the commission and few sellers will sell for less than fair market value.  However, given my understanding and knowledge of the business, along with my ability to negotiate on your behalf to obtain the lowest price, you will have the best chance of purchasing a business to meet your needs, at a price acceptable to you.

Our Exclusive Buyer's Agency contract is in effect for one year and under the terms of the contract the commission is payable by the buyer.   As well commission can be payable by the seller and/or the buyer depending on the circumstance.  Naturally, any businesses we have listed for sale, there will be no commission payable by you.  Should I be able to negotiate a commission from a seller not listed, quite often this is the case, the commission due from you will be reduced by that negotiated amount.

Put me to work for you!  Let's find the perfect opportunity at a price that works.

Give me a call anytime - Harry

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